Hotel Kruja

In our visitor's words:
“What a gem! Hospitality plus.”, “Beautiful garden”, “Despite being designed for the more budget-conscious, service was on-par with the finest of hotels.”, “The chef understands the importance of flavour”, “Beautifully prepared and served meals.”, “great little boutique hotel … a few minutes walk from the centre of Tirana.”.

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Our Story
One of the oldest hotels in Tirana, hotel Kruja was first established in 1920 by Ismail Kruja. It was closed during the communist rule, then  in 1991 it was restored and restarted once again operating as a hotel. The last change saw it rebuilt in 1996, in the existing place.


In our hotel you will find the well-known Albanian hospitality. Spacious, quiet, and well-furnished rooms with warm colors will offer you a relaxing stay.


We will gladly organise tourist guides for you in any place of your interest. Contact us with your requirements, or let us suggest you the best places to visit!


Fresh ingredients, great taste, great prices. Whether at the restaurant or at the bar, enjoy the intense tastes Albania has to offer, carefully prepared and served by our chefs.

What People are Saying

“Three-star hotel with five-star service”

Despite being designed for the more budget-conscious, Hotel Kruja’s service was on-par with the finest of hotels.

David G.

“Wonderful hospitality and great location”

The courtyard area and lawn was a wonderful place to relax in the shade and away from the street.

Lillian C.

“Custom-made service”

[…] we were picked up from airport, taken to a guided private tour […] and then driven all the way and back to enjoy the beaches.

Axel S.

“Fantastic family run business”

What a gem! Hospitality plus. This small hotel with 16 rooms makes the personal touch so special. […] Don’t pass this one by.


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Our location
Hotel Kruja is situated in the center of Tirana, 300 m from the main square (Scanderbeg Square). From the main square take towards street “Rruga e Durresit”, and at the first forking take the right branch, onto street “Mine Peza”. The hotel will be on your left side after about 300 m.

The hotel is only 18 km from Tirana International Airport and 39 km from Durresi port.

The distances to the border crossing points are: Hani Hotit (to Montenegro): 110 km; Qafe-Thane (to FYROM, Macedonia): 123 km; Kapshtica (to Greece): 195 km; Kakavia (to Greece): 251 km.

The distance Tirana-Prishtina is 252 km.

Details and Contact
ADDRESS: Mine Peza Str., Tirana, Albania.
GOOGLE MAP: Click here
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